“Part of the Family”

Alien3_posterOver on the Chronic Rift Network you can find the latest episode of Generations Geek, the podcast I do with my daughter. Episode 47, “Part of the Family,” is the next installment of our epic Alien film series review, covering Alien 3.

We’ve previously covered the prequels (which shall rename nameless) in Episode 43, “They Aren’t What We Thought They Were”; Alien in Episode 44, “Special Order 937”; and Aliens in Episode 45, “The A2s Always Were a Bit Twitchy.”

Next up in the review—though not necessarily the next episode of the podcast—will, obviously, be Alien Resurrection. After that we may just have to cover the two Alien vs. Predator films, depending on how  much punishment we’re willing to take,


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