My Epic Trek Comic Book Read #6

In Gold Key issue 6, "When Planets Collide," (December 1969), our brave crew of space pioneers risk themselves and the Enterprise to save two planets about to, well, collide. When you pitch it that way it sounds relatively straightforward, however, let's see, how can I put this . . . Okay, if you read the … Continue reading My Epic Trek Comic Book Read #6

My Epic Trek Comic Book Read #5

Gold Key issue 5 (September 1969), “The Ghost Planet,” serves up equal helpings of a classic Star Trek moral quandary and prime Gold Key nonsense. In "Galaxy Zelta" the Enterprise comes across some Saturn-like rings which may conceal a planet at the center. They cross through a turbulent "two lunar miles" of the rainbow-colored rings … Continue reading My Epic Trek Comic Book Read #5

Zombies! A Comic Book Review

The 2011 ten-part crossover Infestation from IDW Publishing is basically a zombie story. I loves the zombies, as The Walking Dead knows, but I generally find crossovers to be a forced conceit. Nevertheless, I'm often drawn in by their epic geekiness, and what drew me into this one was my long-standing love of Star Trek. IDW's original series CVO (Covert … Continue reading Zombies! A Comic Book Review