Writing/Editing Update, November Edition

Novella #1. It patiently awaits my attention. Since this is a hundred manuscript pages, my  hardcopy review and red-pen markup will take a significant amount of time that I haven't yet made room for in my schedule. Novella #2. Big update here. Sent a query to an editor, who requested seeing the manuscript. It's with … Continue reading Writing/Editing Update, November Edition


The Bookmark Is In: The Song of the Dead

I'm currently deep into Carrie Patel's The Song of the Dead, the third of her Recolletta novels. The series is set centuries after a mysterious Catastrophe (as it's called by the survivors) has wiped out a good percentage of humanity, which in turn resulted in the loss of most modern technology, so the world has … Continue reading The Bookmark Is In: The Song of the Dead