“In the Time of the Martians”: An Excerpt

Before I get to the excerpt, a little backstory on how "In the Time of the Martians"┬ácame about. I entered the world of media tie-in writing in 2004, when my Star Trek story "Full Circle" was published in Strange New Worlds VII. Media tie-in writing is, of course, writing based on characters and stories from … Continue reading “In the Time of the Martians”: An Excerpt

Writing/Editing Update, March Edition

March continued the frenzied pace of February. Some extensions were required. I hate missing deadlines, but things happen, and you just need to keep your client or your editor in the loop. A previously planned week at my mom's (after we all quarantined, of course) complicated the situation. I had to work all day, every … Continue reading Writing/Editing Update, March Edition