Writing/Editing Update, January Edition

Oof, it's February already! I seriously don't know how that happened. But I did manage to get some things done even though the month flew by and included an insurrection! Tales of the Weird World War. The cover is finally done! Take a look at it on my website. Now that that's finally taken care … Continue reading Writing/Editing Update, January Edition

I’m No. 1[,289,791]!

Back at my old day job as an editor for Zenith Press, I would sometimes have authors call with concern about their Amazon ranking. "I was at X just last week, now I'm at X-1,245,619. What happened? What can we do?" My stock answer was to explain that no one really knows the algorithms Amazon uses to … Continue reading I’m No. 1[,289,791]!

Minnesota Stories

I've been revising my short story "The Satellite Dish," which is a follow-up to "The Mailbox" and takes place  three years later, in 1984. Back in my college years while I was working toward my English degree with an emphasis on creative writing, I generally wrote nongenre fiction for my classes, what is sometimes called "literary fiction," … Continue reading Minnesota Stories

Wherein I Self-Publish a Short Story and Get Somewhat Thwarted

I've been announcing my impending entry into the brave new world of self-publishing e-books for some time now but, as with everything, it was taking much longer to get organized than I had originally hoped. So last weekend when a couple of friends independently ask me for my feedback on publishing with Smashwords, I decided, … Continue reading Wherein I Self-Publish a Short Story and Get Somewhat Thwarted