Writing/Editing Update, December Edition

Wow, not just any monthly update, it's also a year-end wrap-up. Obviously, 2020 was a brutal year on several levels, but I was productive. Over the year I submitted three short stories—"The Ghosts of Glenmirror," "The Day It Came from Beyond Outer Space," and "In the Time of the Martians"—and two essays (still secret), all … Continue reading Writing/Editing Update, December Edition

Writing/Editing Update, July Edition

Even with all the craziness in the world, I'm trying to make this year a return to publishing for myself, working on three pieces for anthologies and on three more things for self-publishing. Part of the original inspiration for the PODs was to have new print books for convention appearances . . . of course, … Continue reading Writing/Editing Update, July Edition

Writing/Editing Update: September Edition

Steampunk Novel. Yikes. After blasting back into the novel throughout August after the nothing burger of July, September turned out to be another dead-end month as I scrabbled to meet freelance deadlines. More on that below. Shared-World Novella. Nothing new to report. The Satellite Dish. Nothing new to report. Ko-Fi. A quick review of the 2014 legal … Continue reading Writing/Editing Update: September Edition