Why The Interwebs Are So Cool

The other day I was listening to the great internet radio station A Fistful of Soundtracks. When I fired it up they were playing a cut from Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan, composed by James Horner. From that they cut to "Rock & Roll High School" by the Ramones. I thought that was … Continue reading Why The Interwebs Are So Cool


Zombies! A Comic Book Review

The 2011 ten-part crossover Infestation from IDW Publishing is basically a zombie story. I loves the zombies, as The Walking Dead knows, but I generally find crossovers to be a forced conceit. Nevertheless, I'm often drawn in by their epic geekiness, and what drew me into this one was my long-standing love of Star Trek. IDW's original series CVO (Covert … Continue reading Zombies! A Comic Book Review

Wherein I Self-Publish a Short Story and Get Somewhat Thwarted

I've been announcing my impending entry into the brave new world of self-publishing e-books for some time now but, as with everything, it was taking much longer to get organized than I had originally hoped. So last weekend when a couple of friends independently ask me for my feedback on publishing with Smashwords, I decided, … Continue reading Wherein I Self-Publish a Short Story and Get Somewhat Thwarted