Writing/Editing Update: February Edition

As mentioned in my October post, my stepfather passed away that month; now an uncle of mine passed away the last week of February. As you might imagine, my family hasn't really adjusted to the first loss, and now we've been hit by this second death. So once again, I'm traveling back and forth—it's a … Continue reading Writing/Editing Update: February Edition

Writing/Editing Update: January Edition

Steampunk Novel. No typing on this while I was buried under deadlines, but it's been kept on a nice simmer on a back burner. Thinking so much about character arcs and how as I started the manuscript the lead characters were a bit too nice; they need some rough edges that will get polished by … Continue reading Writing/Editing Update: January Edition

Writing/Editing Update: September Edition

Steampunk Novel. Yikes. After blasting back into the novel throughout August after the nothing burger of July, September turned out to be another dead-end month as I scrabbled to meet freelance deadlines. More on that below. Shared-World Novella. Nothing new to report. The Satellite Dish. Nothing new to report. Ko-Fi. A quick review of the 2014 legal … Continue reading Writing/Editing Update: September Edition

Writing/Editing Update: July Edition

Steampunk Novel. Yikes. Although the date on the file indicates it was modified during July, I can't recall what that might have been. Surely it was nothing significant. It was an overloaded freelance month, as you'll see below. Shared-World Novella. No updates yet from the editor. The Satellite Dish. Still haven't discussed it with the beta reader, … Continue reading Writing/Editing Update: July Edition