Theremin, A Fascinating Life Clumsily Told

I recently watched the documentary Theremin: An Electronic Odyssey about the life of Leon Theremin, pioneer of electronic music. If you don’t recognize the name, I guarantee you’d recognize the sound of his most famous invention, the theremin, a musical instrument which is played without touching it. Its unearthly tones have been used in music … Continue reading Theremin, A Fascinating Life Clumsily Told

Unnecessary Prequels, Part Two

Last week’s episode of Enemy Lines delved into The Thing (2011), the prolonged deleted scene that is the prequel to The Thing (1982). Now, spoiler alert, I’m going to spoil Prometheus. I mean really spoil it, just get up in its grille and spoil the shit out of it. Before the release of Prometheus, Ridley … Continue reading Unnecessary Prequels, Part Two