From the Vault: Gelatinous Pasta and Bad Mussels

We made a family vacation out of Shore Leave 30 (remember when conventions were an actual thing?), flying in early so we could do some general tourist stuff, since only the kid and I are sci-fi geeks. On our first night in downtown Baltimore at the Inner Harbor Holiday Inn, we decided to eat at … Continue reading From the Vault: Gelatinous Pasta and Bad Mussels

Writing/Editing Update, December Edition

Wow, not just any monthly update, it's also a year-end wrap-up. Obviously, 2020 was a brutal year on several levels, but I was productive. Over the year I submitted three short stories—"The Ghosts of Glenmirror," "The Day It Came from Beyond Outer Space," and "In the Time of the Martians"—and two essays (still secret), all … Continue reading Writing/Editing Update, December Edition