Writing/Editing Update, August Edition

The last half of August got a little crazy with a number of deadlines rushing at me, and all month I had a feeling like it was a week earlier than it really was, so the last week was particularly frantic. I'm dropping a few things without any real updates out of the post this time … Continue reading Writing/Editing Update, August Edition

Minnesota Stories

I've been revising my short story "The Satellite Dish," which is a follow-up to "The Mailbox" and takes place  three years later, in 1984. Back in my college years while I was working toward my English degree with an emphasis on creative writing, I generally wrote nongenre fiction for my classes, what is sometimes called "literary fiction," … Continue reading Minnesota Stories

Where Have I Been? Hibernation? Coma? Undercover Black-Ops Mission?

So. Last blog post dated July 29, 2014. Today’s date January 25, 2015. What the heck? Well, things just got away from me. I got busy. Last fall my freelance work started picking up after several months of silence. After a mountain of metaphorical tumbleweeds rolling past though empty streets, with only Vincent Price, Charlton … Continue reading Where Have I Been? Hibernation? Coma? Undercover Black-Ops Mission?