Writing/Editing Update: May Edition

Steampunk Novel. I've cracked 30,000 words on the manuscript and I'm about a third of the way through my outline, so the first draft will likely weigh in at about 100,000 words. Although these first five or so chapters—I'm starting to think the chapter breaks won't always match the outline, so neither will the final chapter … Continue reading Writing/Editing Update: May Edition

From the Vault: Arthur C. Clarke Memorial Readathon

After Sir Arthur passed [in March 19, 2008], I got to thinking about all his famous books I own that I haven't read yet. So I just read Earthlight, Childhood's End, and Imperial Earth in rapid succession (although I had to take a break to read The Science of Sherlock Holmes, which I'm reviewing for Author magazine—can't miss my first deadline). Earthlight is … Continue reading From the Vault: Arthur C. Clarke Memorial Readathon