Writing/Editing Update: August Edition

Steampunk Novel. As previously posted, July was basically a bust on this as I labored mightily on four freelance gigs. Determined to turn things around, I instituted a modest 500 words per day minimum beginning August 1. This has turned out to be a great approach for me, and as of today I have added 13,385 … Continue reading Writing/Editing Update: August Edition

From the Vault: My Matt Jefferies Story

For any non–Star Trek people reading this, the late Matt Jefferies designed the original Starship Enterprise, its bridge, sickbay, and shuttlecraft interior, the Klingon cruiser, and numerous other sets and props including the phasers. During the shooting of Star Trek: The Original Series, the access tubes Scotty often had to crawl into to save the ship … Continue reading From the Vault: My Matt Jefferies Story