About Scott

That’s the Vehicle Assembly Building over my shoulder!

Scott Pearson is a freelance writer and editor who was first published in 1987 with “The Mailbox,” a Minnesota Monthly Tamarack Award winner about an elderly farming couple. That was back when stories were done on typewriters.

In the decades since, he has published humor, mystery, urban fantasy, science fiction, horror, poetry, and nonfiction. That eclectic output includes a Led Zeppelin discography, a series of books on invasive species for young readers, and a premium brochure for the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex cowritten with primary author Piers Bizony.

A Star Trek fan since the early seventies, Scott has had three Trek short stories and two novellas published by Simon & Schuster. He has written articles about Trek for the official Star Trek magazine and has copyedited dozens of Trek novels since 2014.

Scott has edited nonfiction books on a wide variety of topics, from the memoirs of World War II veterans to true crime to the space shuttle. He lives in personable St. Paul, Minnesota, with his wife, Sandra, and daughter, Ella (when she’s home from college). Visit his website, Scott-Pearson.com, to find out more.


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