Zeno’s Paradox and Manuscript Drafts

Okay, I'll admit it. I double majored in creative writing and philosophy, what I've often described as the two most unemployable degrees I could have pursued. Luckily, that sentiment turned out to not be completely true, as I've made a living out of writing and editing, so that half of my BA has become nicely … Continue reading Zeno’s Paradox and Manuscript Drafts


Animals in Cheap Suits

That's what humans are. Only a thinly woven layer of civilization covers millions of years of selfish animal urges. We wear that civilization like an ill-fitting rental tux, our primitive reptile brains always lurking and ready to burst out. Werewolves, Jekyll and Hyde, Bruce Banner and the Hulk—through such stories we recognize this on some level, but we are still loathe to admit it … Continue reading Animals in Cheap Suits