Labels, Schmabels. A Semi-Coherent Monday Rant.

Labels can be helpful if you’re shopping for clothing or food. If food companies are made to disclose the irradiated baby seal hearts they’re using as sausage filler on the label, that’s quite helpful for the irradiated baby seal heart intolerant. But political labels…pshaw. Yes, I said “pshaw,” and I don’t regret it. I’m tired … Continue reading Labels, Schmabels. A Semi-Coherent Monday Rant.


Which Wich. What . . . what?

So our neighborhood got a new sandwich shop chain, the somewhat cleverly/annoyingly named Which Wich. They advertise having over fifty customizable sandwiches (I refuse to say "wich" like they do), and it's true, take a peek at their menu. Their shtick is that they have the menu printed on the bag your sandwich will go … Continue reading Which Wich. What . . . what?