Writing/Editing Update, March Edition

March continued the frenzied pace of February. Some extensions were required. I hate missing deadlines, but things happen, and you just need to keep your client or your editor in the loop. A previously planned week at my mom’s (after we all quarantined, of course) complicated the situation. I had to work all day, every day, but we got to spend some time together at breakfast and lunch, then had relaxing evenings eating dinner and binge-watching Call the Midwife. I love that show. In pandemic news, much of my family got their first shot, including my mom, wife, daughter, and myself. But now, back to writing and editing news . . .

Tales of the Weird World War. Work on the layout for POD is proceeding very slowly given how busy I’ve been. I did a few pages of work on it while at my mom’s so she could see what it’s like. She reads a lot but, like most readers, has never really thought about all the technical stuff that goes on in the background of a book. Until the print book is ready, you can pick up The Big Dark & Meet John Doe in electronic form, like the kids use, for Apple BooksKindle, Kobo, and Nook.

In the Time of the Martians. The anthology which contains this story, Turning the Tied, is now out in both print and e-book formats from Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Profits from this anthology go to the World Literacy Foundation, promoting literacy worldwide with a special focus on the underprivileged. Read some great stories and support a great cause!

The Day It Came From Beyond Outer Space. The anthology that contains this story, Thrilling Adventure Yarns 2021, is now available in print and e-book formats from Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

Unrevealed Title Comedy/Horror Story. I’ve submitted this piece for the Castle of Horror 5 anthology to the editor.

Unrevealed Title Essay/Review. I reviewed the edits for my contribution to Outside In Wants to Believe: 156 New Perspectives on 156 X-Files Universe Stories by 156 Writers and everything looked fine. Profits from this anthology go to Avert, a UK-based charity dedicated to providing accurate and essential information about HIV and AIDs to everyone who needs it.

Star Trek Adventures Shackleton Expanse Sourcebook. We’re getting so close! Artwork and layout are in process. I can’t wait to see how this looks on the page.

Ko-Fi. Two more free-to-read book minireviews from my archives are up: Mystery by Jonathan Kellerman on my site and The Further Adventures of Sherlock Holmes: The War of the Worlds by Manly W. Wellman and Wade Wellman on the Generations Geek page.

Editing/Work for Hire. On the indie author front, I turned in one copyedited manuscript to a new client and started his next one. Work continues on another manuscript for a long-term client. In traditional publishing, I copyedited the forthcoming Star Trek: Picard novel Rogue Elements, by John Jackson Miller, and began the first book of the Star Trek: Coda trilogy, Moments Asunder by Dayton Ward.

*Photo caption: Spring is springing in Minnesota.

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