Writing/Editing Update, September Edition

As I wrapped up a crazy late August, I had to dive straight into a super-busy September. I’d taken on a number of overlapping gigs after estimating the number of hours each one would take, how many pages I’d be able to do in a day, and so on, carefully totaling the hours per day for all of them, determining that it was totally doable. Thing is, I forgot to reserve any time for stuff like checking email, preparing and sending quotes to potential clients, responding to current or previous clients, or reviewing layouts. An hour or more of any work day gets eaten up by that stuff. Oops. After some rearranging and an extension from a very understanding client, I got things more or less under control. So what happened? Let’s dig in.

Tales of the Weird World War. Bill Leisner and I have settled on the text treatment on the cover, but I’m still trying to make a few final tweaks to the image so that we’re both satisfied. Much image searching on the internet was done, and I’m hopeful that I’m closing in on a final design. Unfortunately, this is the thing that most often gets pushed aside in favor of my copyediting deadlines.

The Ghosts of Glenmirror. See my previous post for all the deets on this. Short version, the anthology’s editor gave it a thumbs-up, and the book will be out October 13!

Essay. The editor of [anthology title redacted] loved and accepted this essay and immediately commissioned another essay for [another anthology title redacted]. I look forward to when I can say what these are!

The Zanclean Conspiracy. Haven’t gotten a whole lot done for the cover for this novella, and still need to send the text to beta readers.

Untitled Short Stories 1–3. I’ve started noodling around on three new short story ideas which I will be submitting to anthologies, one solicited, two open call, all with December deadlines. Actually, I have two ideas for one of the open-call anthologies, which does take multiple submissions, so if I get really productive there could be four stories. I haven’t started writing any of them yet, but I better get going soon.

Ko-Fi. Two more free-to-read book minireviews from my archives are up: Point Omega by Don DeLillo on my site and Vampire Stories by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle on the Generations Geek page.

Editing/Work for Hire. I completed copyediting a novella for an indie author and the novel Tyger Bright by T. C. McCarthy for Baen. I also turned in a proofread for an indie author, and started copyediting a long novel for yet another indie author, both new clients. Busy month!

*Photo caption: Concerned deer wonder why I’m not editing or writing.

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