Writing/Editing Update, August Edition

The last half of August got a little crazy with a number of deadlines rushing at me, and all month I had a feeling like it was a week earlier than it really was, so the last week was particularly frantic. I’m dropping a few things without any real updates out of the post this time around, so here was the stuff I actually did some work on over the last month.

Tales of the Weird World War, aka Shared-World Novella. “Tales…” is the series title of this project I’ve long talked about. The first book contains a novella by me and a novelette by my partner in crime Bill Leisner. I gathered some additional font choices for the cover as I returned to more active work on the project.

Short Story #1. I sent this to the anthology’s editor, Bob Greenberger, who gave it a thumbs-up. Woo-hoo! More on this to come.

Short Story #2. I finished this story and sent it to the anthology’s editor. Actually, I did this on September 1, but since I’m writing this post on that date I decided to include it in the August wrap-up. Will it pass muster? We shall see.

Essay. I finished this piece for [title redacted] and sent it off to the anthology’s editor. Oof. It got a little nuts getting this and the two short stories all done this month, but I made all my deadlines!

The Zanclean Conspiracy. I’ve got an idea for the cover design in my noggin. I’ve started researching stock photos, but also think I’ll being taking photos of some items from my conspiracy archives to really flesh out the cover concept.

Ko-Fi. Two more free-to-read book minireviews from my archives are up: The Man Who Loved Books Too Much by Allison Hoover Bartlett on my site and Lovecraft Unbound edited by Ellen Datlow on the Generations Geek page.

Editing/Work for Hire. I completed copyediting a novel from a new author client. After a busy July, I had the first half of August off, during which I wrote a lot, then things picked up as mentioned above. And now September starts, which has shaped up to be my busiest month yet. Wish me luck making it to the next update . . .

*Photo caption: A chipmunk eating a grape after having some watermelon. You’re welcome.

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