Writing/Editing Update, May Edition

Already under a pandemic lockdown, now we have a curfew as well; I’m typing this month’s update after a weekend of protests following the killing of George Floyd in police custody, with an officer’s knee on his neck as he pleaded that he couldn’t breathe. A pharmacy just a mile and a half from our house was burned to the ground. But I’ve still got deadlines to meet and personal projects to finish, so I’m slogging along while anger and madness sweep across the country.

Steampunk Novel. Still in my thoughts, still waiting for me to get back to it.

Shared-World Novella. Started close reread of the two stories involved, mine and my coauthor on the projected series of stories; need to finalize the interior to get final page count so I can get the cover template for the POD edition.

“Out of the Jacuzzi, Into the Sauna.” Finished its red-pen review, entered all corrections and revisions, and uploaded to Kindle. Visit my Stuck in the Middle Press page to see my handful of self-published e-books.

Untitled Short Story. Submitted a pitch/outline to the editor of the forthcoming anthology, got some feedback, and made some changes. Need to start the actual writing at some point.

“A Terrible Beauty Born.” Last month I noted that I’m setting the new draft during the pandemic quarantine. The story has a racial angle, so the current situation in the Twin Cities and across the country might impact the new draft as well. I haven’t decided. The chaos we’re living in makes it hard to think, and it’s getting worse by the hour.

Ko-Fi. Two more free-to-read book minireviews from my archives are up: Passing Strange: A Gilded Age Tale of Love and Deception Across the Color Line by Martha A. Sandweiss on my site and The Affinity Bridge: A Newbury & Hobbes Investigation by George Mann on the Generations Geek page.

Patreon. I tried to post something on my Patreon page, then remembered how clunky it is, you apparently have no control over text styles like line spacing and I got angry and gave up. Maybe I’ll get better at Patreon when the world isn’t burning. Or not! 

Editing/Work for HireI completed a forthcoming Star Trek: Voyager book for Simon & Schuster, To Lose the Earth by Kirsten Beyer. I also turned in a copyedit for Baen, Weird World War III, edited by Sean Patrick Hazlett. I began work on two novel manuscripts from indie authors.

*Photo caption: On the morning of my daughter’s college graduation—for which she had no proper party or commencement, obviously— she woke up to theses signs left in the yard by one of her aunts. And these are only a few of them!

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