Writing/Editing Update: April Edition

Oof. Another month of shelter in place. But now I can take the laptop onto our patio and work while getting some fresh air and watching the rabbits in our backyard. To keep from going too stir crazy, I’ve been doing a lot of video calls with friends across the country and even across the pond. I’ve also just been keeping busy, as you’ll see below.

Steampunk Novel. Still on the back burner while I do a bunch of smaller projects.

Shared-World Novella. Started serious work on the front cover after some input from my partner in crime, Bill Leisner. Downloaded a new version of the image editor I use, which happened to include the perfect new effect for my revised title treatment. We’re still trying to come up with the perfect series title and a font for said series title.

The Satellite Dish et al. Finished my final edits and uploaded this for its Kindle debut. Refreshed the title treatments of all my self-published e-books with new fonts, tweaked the images on a couple of them, updated links inside as well as making some minor text edits and corrections, and did a more substantial revision of one, “Out of the Jacuzzi, Into the Sauna,” which is awaiting its red-pen review before the updated upload. Check out my Stuck in the Middle Press page to see all the new covers and read synopses and excerpts.

Untitled Short Story. This new short story for a 2021 small-press anthology remains in the note-taking phase.

A Terrible Beauty Born. This short story has been in my files since the mid-90s. It’s gone through a few drafts over the years, and I did send it out once a decade ago, but I’ve never been fully satisfied with it. It popped into my head this week when I saw an open-call announcement for Weird Tales—with a one-week deadline! At first I started trying to develop a story from scratch, but discarded both ideas I had as not quite ready, especially with so little time. That’s when I turned to doing a substantial new draft of this existing story instead. At this point, I doubt I’ll make the deadline, but the important thing is that I’m writing and I will have a nice new draft when I’m done. It might be kind of crazy too soon, but I’m setting this new draft right now, during the pandemic quarantine. There are a number of existing elements in the story that play well off current events, so I think the new elements are integrating with an organic feel.

Ko-Fi. Two more free-to-read book minireviews from my archives are up: The Templars: The Secret History Revealed by Barbara Frale on my site and Eyes Like Sky and Coal and Moonlight by Cat Rambo on the Generations Geek page.

Patreon. I uploaded another audio clip for Generations Geek, and I posted a cranky satirical piece I wrote back in 2006 on my page. It’s called “There’s No Torture Like Slow Torture: An Interview with Dick Cheney.” Yeah, it’s definitely cranky and NSFW.

Editing/Work for Hire. I turned in a copyedit for Baen, Destroyer of Worlds by Larry Correia, and began my next project for them. Also got a forthcoming Star Trek book from Simon & Schuster.

*Photo caption: Ripley and Indy enjoying the porch during the plague.

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