Writing/Editing Update: February Edition

As mentioned in my October post, my stepfather passed away that month; now an uncle of mine passed away the last week of February. As you might imagine, my family hasn’t really adjusted to the first loss, and now we’ve been hit by this second death. So once again, I’m traveling back and forth—it’s a two-drive to my home town—trying to keep up on deadlines while working at my mom’s house. On one trip up and back, I even worked on the laptop in the car while my wife drove, unable to give up those hours of work time if I was going to make a deadline. My writing continues to get forced into the back seat, if not right out of the moving car, while I struggle to keep up under trying circumstances. Okay, that’s enough personal stuff . . . let’s look at the work.

Steampunk Novel. Another month of no typing, although the characters remain on my mind.

Shared-World Novella. Now that I’ve really settled on the publish-on-demand path for this, I have a new draft of the cover design, including a spiffy noirish font for the title. I’ve also got a rough layout for the text. I’m satisfied with the progress so far.  

The Satellite Dish. This has been sitting and resting since the last revision. Now I just need to review one last time for typos and then I can drop the text into my ebook template and get this thing up on Kindle. I’ve had the cover design for years, literally, just waiting around until I got back to this story.

Ko-Fi and Patreon. I posted two more free-to-read book reviews from my archives on Ko-fi: The Book of You by Claire Kendal on my site and The Last Theorem by Arthur C. Clarke and Frederik Pohl on the Generations Geek page. Nothing new on my Patreon yet, but I did upload another exclusive sound clip onto the Generations Geek Patreon.

Editing/Work for Hire. I turned in the copyedit of Star Trek: Discovery—Die Standing by John Jackson Miller. Then I received and turned in my first copyedit for Titan Books, The Autobiography of Kathryn Janeway by Una McCormack. I also started a copyedit for Baen, Mamelukes, a posthumous Jerry Pournelle manuscript. And I did a quick proofing job for indie sci-fi author Jim Keen. I’m still writing for a forthcoming Star Trek Adventures role-playing supplement, which I must sadly admit to being behind on; even with extenuating circumstances, it really bothers me to miss a deadline, but life does sometimes intrude on publishing. I turned in more than half of my material a couple days before the due date and, with a little luck, I’lll wrap up the remaining material over the next week or so. Shout-out to my very understanding line editor at Modiphius, Jim Johnson!

*Photo caption: My daughter’s kitten, Indy, walks along a beam about eight feet above the floor at my mom’s house.

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