Writing/Editing Update: January Edition

Steampunk Novel. No typing on this while I was buried under deadlines, but it’s been kept on a nice simmer on a back burner. Thinking so much about character arcs and how as I started the manuscript the lead characters were a bit too nice; they need some rough edges that will get polished by what happens to them over the course of the book.

Shared-World Novella. Nothing new to report from the traditional publishing front, but since this will likely be self-published, I did some photo research for the cover. I did a rough design long ago, but after taking a fresh look at it, I think it needs one more element. So far I’ve had no luck finding what I want.  

The Satellite Dish. I revised a few things. After years and years of tweaking this story here and there, I only just realized the description I had of modern tractor pulls (really a thing, Google it) was inaccurate. After closely viewing a bunch of YouTube videos, I think I’ve got it right now.

Ko-Fi and Patreon. I reprinted a couple more free-to-read book reviews from my archives on Ko-fi, Titanic’s Last Secrets by Brad Matsen, and, on the Generations Geek page, Grave Secrets of Dinosaurs: Soft Tissues and Hard Science by Phillip Manning. I still haven’t gotten anything new on my Patreon, but I did upload a little sound file onto the Generations Geek Patreon.

Editing/Work for Hire. I turned in the copyedit of one Star Trek novel (which I don’t think has been announced yet, so I can’t say what it is) and started Star Trek: Discovery—Die Standing by John Jackson Miller. I continued writing for a forthcoming Star Trek Adventures role-playing supplement and did some more canon review on another supplement. It will be so cool when I can say what those are!

*Photo caption: Winter branches at my Mom’s house.

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