Writing/Editing Update: November Edition

Steampunk Novel. This was supposed to be the year I finished the first draft of my long-suffering novel. After a slow period in late fall, I was starting to worry about making that self-imposed deadline. But with the various obligations thrust upon us after my stepfather’s passing, I decided I had to give myself a pass on that goal, to not feel further stress about the manuscript, and just acknowledge I wasn’t going to make it. At about 45,000 words, I’m about halfway through, and that’ll have to do. In the new year, after things settle into a new routine, I will get back to it.

Shared-World Novella and The Satellite Dish. Nothing new to report.

Ko-Fi and Patreon. I posted more book reviews from the archives on Ko-fi: Simon Winchester’s The Man Who Loved China, from 2008, and, on the Generations Geek page, 2006’s Hollow Earth by David Standish. Those are free to read, but drop a little something in the tip jar if you want. I haven’t yet posted anything new on my Patreon, but as I’ve yet to attract any patrons, I’m not particularly troubled! I did work on the page though; I simplified it from three tiers to one, at two bucks a month. That will get you anything and everything I post, such as exclusive reviews, annotations of my published work, or excerpts from works in progress. Over on the Generations Geek Patreon, we’ve posted an audio sketch we did for an early episode; when we started, we were doing faux commercial sponsors, but decided to drop the idea, and we edited those bits from the shows that are currently streaming. Only patrons can now hear us trying to act!

Editing/Work for Hire. I turned in the copyedit of Star Trek: Agents of Influence by Dayton Ward. I also wrapped up a large canon review on a forthcoming Star Trek Adventures role-playing game supplement. I can’t wait until you Trek gaming geeks—and you know who you are—hear what it is. You’ll be excited. And I started copyediting Dave Mack’s More Beautiful Than Death, another one of the once-shelved Kelvin timeline tie-ins.

Final Thoughts. December is going to be crazy busy again, with Mack’s manuscript, some copyediting for an indie author, and a ton of writing to do for another secret supplement for Star Trek Adventures. Just trying to get through it all one day at a time.

*Photo caption: Looking out the window at my mom’s house in the country.

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