Writing/Editing Update: July Edition

Steampunk Novel. Yikes. Although the date on the file indicates it was modified during July, I can’t recall what that might have been. Surely it was nothing significant. It was an overloaded freelance month, as you’ll see below.

Shared-World Novella. No updates yet from the editor.

The Satellite Dish. Still haven’t discussed it with the beta reader, but a little thing occurred to me that’s been bugging me in the back of my head for a while, so I made the change and printed new pages. The beta reader wanted to read it again before we talk anyway, so that worked out nicely.

Editing/Work for Hire. And I thought last month was crazy. This month I had four deadlines: the eleventh, nineteenth, twenty-second, and twenty-fifth. And I was out of town at Shore Leave the weekend of the twelfth. That made for a brutal workload and little time for reading or writing. Mostly it was working on freelance all day and then staring at the TV a bit in the evening. Or not . . . some nights I was editing until 11pm. Lather, rinse, repeat. I turned in the copyedit on an indie author’s manuscript on the eleventh. Went to the con. Got home and dug back in to Freehold: Resistance for Baen, turning it in on the nineteenth. Then it was all about Star Trek as I rolled up my sleeves on the forthcoming Discovery tie-in Dead Endless, due on the twenty-second. Then it was project number four, a proofread on layout for an indie author. Although I technically finished the day of the deadline, it wasn’t until after 11pm. The author, getting updates from me earlier in the evening, had graciously told me to get some sleep and turn it in the next day. I took him up on his offer, but still felt bad I hadn’t managed my time better to stick the landing.

Final Thoughts. Whew. That was a month, no doubt about it. As I came to that last deadline, part of me was saying, “Okay, now time to hit the ground running on the novel.” But another part of me had to acknowledge I needed some time to recharge, not to mention catch up on household chores which had been neglected during the Month of Four Deadlines. So the last week I have been taking it a little easy. That said, I finalized my Patreon page by setting up three tiers and creating a post in each of them. Plus, I’ve now made a spreadsheet schedule to help me focus on finishing the novel manuscript. I intend to average writing 500 words/day starting August 1 until I have a complete manuscript. Wish me luck.

*Photo caption: A storm rolls in over the last remaining bright spot of my disposition.

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