Writing/Editing Update: June Edition

Steampunk Novel. Unfortunately it’s been a slow month on the novel (more on that below under Work for Hire). Only a thousand words added to the total, but, to put a positive spin on it, that doesn’t accurately reflect the amount of work done. I’m still not going back and revising fiddly things in previous chapters, but I did fix a couple of larger, foundational plot points that will make things much easier down the road.

Shared-World Novella. No updates yet from the editor. With the way June went, I didn’t have much time to reflect upon this.

The Satellite Dish. This lit-fic revision has been read by a beta reader, but we haven’t found time to discuss it yet. ASAP after that happens I will publish to Kindle.

Editing/Work for Hire. And now we get to the core of a crazy month. I finished The Best of Jerry Pournelle, which weighed in at 200K+ words, and then started another big Baen book, Freehold: Resistance, at 170K+. I did a quick review of some sidebar material for the upcoming Star Trek Adventures: Gamma Quadrant source book from Modiphius. and then had to crank through a three-page treatment for a possible new documentary for Afterglow Studios. I also took on a novel from an indie author in a niche genre called LitRPG, which I hadn’t even heard of before. It includes RPG-like stats for the main character, so it’s sort of like you’re reading a novelization of an adventure in a role-playing game. In this case, a fantasy RPG, which is fun, as most of my work is sci-fi.

Final Thoughts. So that wrapped up a busy month, which morphed immediately into another busy month, with those two novels already in hand, a third on the way, and who knows what else. That’s the glamorous life of a freelancer.

*Photo caption: The rough life of my editorial assistant, Ripley.

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