Writing/Editing Update: March Edition

Steampunk Novel. Plot hole tweaks in the first three chapters have been finished. A little rough spot in the full synopsis has been buffed more or less smooth. April will finally see new writing in the fourth chapter.

Novella #1. I’ve taken the hard copy off my desk and put it back in a drawer. This is at the bottom of my priorities for now.

Novella #2. I’ve been in touch with the editor at a traditional publisher. I should have news, one way or the other, by my next monthly update.

Novella #3. Still simmering on a back burner. And now that I’m adding in the next two pieces to the update, I may have to reorganize and rename in some fashion so that future updates focus on more active projects.

Happiness Through Philosophy and Other Nonsense. In between spurts of work on the novel, I took care of a few organizational issues with this collection of humorous vignettes and short stories I’ve been meaning to self-publish for quite some time. There’s still work to be done on a few of the pieces though.

The Satellite Dish. This is a lit-fic follow-up to my first published short story, “The Mailbox.” It uses the same group of characters, two couples retired from farming in northern Minnesota. It’s another piece I’ve planned on self-publishing for years. I recently decided to put some effort into getting this and the humor collection off my plate this year too, in addition to the novel.

Editing/Work for Hire. It’s been a slow month in this department. I just had a single project, a novel from Baen, which I turned in on deadline. That gave me some extra time to work on those self-publishing projects mentioned above, as well as doing a beta read for my brother from another mother, David Mack. I finished reading the manuscript for the third book in his Dark Arts trilogy, The Shadow Commission. It’s a kick-ass conclusion follow-up to The Midnight Front and The Iron CodexI really recommend these urban fantasy/secret history adventures that reveal the magickal truth behind key historical events in our world. Last but not least, I should note that March saw the premiere of Touch the Stars, which I cowrote, at the Giant Screen Cinema Association’s 2019 Film Expo!

*Photo caption: A rare quiet moment in the life of my cat, Ripley, featuring a small portion of my Star Trek collection as the background.

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