Writing/Editing Update: February Edition

Steampunk Novel. A long time ago I vowed I would do no more revising of the first three chapters of the manuscript until I had a complete draft. I decided to cheat on that vow a little, fixing a plot hole before I continue into chapter four. But only the plot hole. I fear I’ve got too much back story crammed into those first chapters, but I’m not touching any of that. I should be done with these tweaks soon and then will finally move into new territory.

Novella #1. On the back burner for the foreseeable future while I concentrate on the novel.

Novella #2. Waiting its turn with the editor at a traditional publisher.

Novella #3. Still stalled on a transitional scene that won’t cooperate with me at all. But I’ve got the novel to work on, so this can simmer for now.

Editing/Work for Hire. The first twelve days of the month were spent on holiday in London (see photo of me above). I had meant to blog about that before doing this post, but I had two Star Trek novels waiting for me to copyedit ASAP when I got back in the States. The last fifteen days of the month have been copyediting all day (with some breaks to sort through hundreds of digital photos from England) and then some steampunk novel revising at night if I didn’t just zone out in front of the TV. But I’ve turned in both Trek novels now, as well as some other Trek-related work, so March should be more or less normal—or at least what passes for normal in the freelance life.

*Photo caption: The view of London from the Sky Garden, featuring the Shard.

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