Writing/Editing Update: January Edition

The shelf of things I’ve contributed to.

Novella #1. Since the red-pen markup on this was more extensive than I anticipated, I’m leaving this on the back burner for a bit while I focus on other projects.

Novella #2. As previously posted, this is with an editor at a traditional publisher, so I’m happily and patiently waiting for said editor to get to its place in the queue.

Novella #3. Still noodling around on a problematic scene in this one. Lots of noodling, little progress.

Steampunk Novel. This is what’s been taking most of my time. I’ve ironed out a lot of the backstory problems, with just a few more details that need a little more polish, then I’ll be in a better position to start new chapters. I’m planning to get going on that later in February.

Editing/Work for Hire. After some last-second tweaks, the Touch the Stars screenplay is, I think, totally and completely put to bed. The first complete draft of the next screenplay has been submitted to Afterglow Studios, rewrites to come. A sci-fi novel copyedit has been turned in to Baen Books. Didn’t have any Star Trek work in January, but I’ve got two novels and some role-playing supplements heading my way in February!


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