Writing/Editing Update: December Edition

image1Novella #1. I’ve finally done my red-pen markup on the latest draft. I used a lot more red ink than I’d hoped for, but this project has such a long and tortured history that I’m just trying to roll with it and not be frustrated that I haven’t quite spotted the light at the end of the tunnel yet. I’ll have to wait and see where this next revision takes me. Perhaps I’ll let it rest a few days before diving back in.

Novella #2. Waiting to hear back from the editor on this; realistically I don’t expect news until well into the new year.

Novella #3. After previously posting that I’d figured out how to fix a problem scene, all attempts to apply that fix to the text were unsatisfying. I now have a new idea, and if that doesn’t grab me I will probably just move to the next scene anyway and leave the speed bump to be attended to in the next draft.

Steampunk Novel. I’ve decided 2019 will be the year of my long-suffering novel for which I’ve had solid drafts of the first three chapters and a complete outline for far longer than I care to admit. In preparation for reviving it as an active project, I’ve been reviewing my notes, and have identified some plot holes to sort out before getting back at the actual manuscript. Some complicated backstory and slightly nebulous character motivations need polishing before they’d hold up to scrutiny.

Editing/Work for Hire. A time-travel novel for Baen Books and another Star Trek manuscript for Simon & Schuster have been copyedited and returned by their respective deadlines. I’ve written another new scene for the Touch the Stars screenplay and am close to a complete first draft on the next movie for Afterglow Studios. Just today I organized a few notes on what might be the next film project after that; nothing final yet, but it pays to be prepared.

Year-end Wrap-up. This is pretty astonishing: Over the course of 2018, I copyedited about 1.6 million words. Around half a million of that is Star Trek related, encompassing the work I did for Simon & Schuster on the Star Trek fiction line as well as the Star Trek Adventures gaming materials I reviewed for Modiphius. It’s basically impossible to assess a grand total word count on stuff I wrote. As of current drafts, Novella #1 is 32K, Novella #2 20K, and Novella #3 16K. There’s a 12K novelette and a 3K short story I’m not currently working on, but fiddled with early in the year. Then there’s my screenplay work for Afterglow Studios. Touch the Stars is about 13K, close to final. The in-progress script for the next project is currently at 3K. All that is about 100K, but most of those, to varying degrees, have been edited and revised over the year, some of them substantially, so a final word count doesn’t really capture all the words one may have written then rewritten on the way to that current total. On the other hand, some of those titles had substantial drafts already extent at the beginning of 2018, so don’t represent words written during the year. Nevertheless, I think I’ll just call it 100K—and not even consider blog posts—to keep it simple. I hope to write even more than that in 2019!

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