Writing/Editing Update: November Edition

My editorial assistant impatiently waits for me to stop this writing business so that I can throw some of her toys for her to fetch.

Novella #1. It patiently awaits my attention. Since this is a hundred manuscript pages, my  hardcopy review and red-pen markup will take a significant amount of time that I haven’t yet made room for in my schedule.

Novella #2. Big update here. Sent a query to an editor, who requested seeing the manuscript. It’s with said editor now. Even if rejected, I am so pleased to have actually queried something, which I haven’t done in forever. Although 2018 hasn’t been as productive as I’d hoped, I’ve still gotten more done this year than I have in several previous years. I want to take that momentum into the new year and try to turn it up to 11.

Novella #3. Forward progress has been made on the previously mentioned scene that had brought my writing to a screeching halt. Although I’ve now realized that some tweaks to the previous scene would also help the current scene, I’ve simply made notes about those changes and continued to move forward. I have to change my revising habits a little so that I get to a complete draft sooner rather than later.

Editing/Work for Hire. I wrote voice-over narration for a new scene in Touch the Stars, and also continue work on the screenplay after that. I turned in the copyedited Kzin anthology, and received a new novel manuscript from Baen, which I’m still working on. I reviewed Gamma Quadrant supplemental material for Modiphius and got that back to them. Also received, copyedited, and turned in a Star Trek novel from Simon & Schuster, then immediately got another one, upon which work continues. So it has been quite a busy month!

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