The Bookmark Is In: The Song of the Dead

I’m currently deep into Carrie Patel‘s The Song of the Dead, the third of her Recolletta novels. The series is set centuries after a mysterious Catastrophe (as it’s called by the survivors) has wiped out a good percentage of humanity, which in turn resulted in the loss of most modern technology, so the world has a Victorian/steampunk kind of vibe. This has also driven many survivors underground, literally, in elaborate cities carved into the bedrock.


As the books progress you get hints and whispers of what really happened at the time of the Catastrophe, as well as what has happened since in the larger world beyond the buried cities. This setup is a nice spin on the steampunk genre and is intriguing on its own, but what really drives the story are the characters and their personal foibles and goals. There’s also a great deal of political machinations going on in the class-driven society that has evolved after the Catastrophe. And all of this is building to even more exciting revelations in The Song of the Dead.

I definitely recommend giving these a read! And you can listen to Carrie discuss the first book, The Buried Life, working on the series, and other geeky things on episode 30 of the Generations Geek podcast, “Gaslight Geeks.”


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