Writing/Editing Update: October Edition

The end of the month got so busy, I’m a few days late with the update!

Novella #1. This one is still circling the airport.

My writing and editing is powered by tea, kept warm by this handy gadget.

Novella #2. The manuscript returned from the beta reader with suggested edits and some queries. Even as I’d sent it to the beta reader, I realized some shortcomings of the new scene added in my last pass, so I’d made some notes about a couple of fixes. But after the manuscript came back, I read those notes and realized I had no clue what the second one meant! When you jot a note down in the first place, quickly, almost in shorthand, it always seems so clear, but after a week or two it’s like you’re reading someone else’s scribbles. Luckily, after rereading a few scenes, it came back to me. Once I review—and either accept or reject—the beta reader’s edits and attend to my own notes, I’ve got to give it the FINAL DRAFT stamp. No more changes unless an editor requests them. Next big step: querying an editor for interest.

Novella #3. I think I’ve come up with a solution to the new scene I last wrote that will get the story moving forward again while also giving a nice introduction to an important character and getting her into the story earlier than in the original outline, which is good too. A bit of a two-birds-with-one-stone situation.

Project TBD. Still to be determined, but I find myself leaning more heavily toward finishing my humor collection. Whatever I finally settle upon, it should be the last project before I return to my long-gestating steampunkish novel.

Editing/Work for Hire. I’m hammering away on the latest screenplay for Afterglow Studios. Some tweaks are on the horizon for Touch the Starsand we’re discussing the next project after those two. I’m also nearly finished copyediting a new Kzin anthology for Baen, and I’ve gotten in a batch of Star Trek role-playing material from Modiphius for my canon review.

Things perked up in October, and November promises to be busy, as the next Star Trek novel manuscript will likely turn up midmonth!

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