Open the Pod Bay Doors, HAL

img_15522001: A Space Odyssey has been one of my favorite films for decades. But for a movie with a large devoted geek following, it has long been underrepresented in the merch department. There have been some models in the past, but a lot of the collectibles have been high-end expensive figures. But in honor of the fiftieth anniversary of 2001‘s release, Hallmark is releasing a couple of fun items.

First up, in the included photo, is Dave Bowman in their Itty Bittys line of plush characters. They’ve got a ton of them, including Star Trek characters, but I’ve got so much Trek stuff already, I’ve avoided getting any of them. But when I saw that Hallmark was releasing Bowman and a HAL 9000 Christmas ornament, I knew I had to have them.

I asked my pal Kevin Dilmore, Trek writer and Hallmark guru, if this was the kind of thing that I’d have to scour stores for, but it turned out it’s a limited-edition online exclusive, and he recommended I order right away. Which I did. Now I’ve just gotta keep an eye out for when HAL is available, so that he and Dave can reunite. Perhaps HAL can sing for him again . . .

(Kevin was a guest on my podcast, Generations Geek, for Episode 12. In the pic, Dave Bowman is standing in front of The Making of Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey by Piers Bizony. Piers was a guest of the show on Episode 22.)


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