A New Year of Writing and Editing

ImageLooking back on 2013 is a mixed bag for me. In April I was laid off, and I have been without a day job ever since. A few new day-job opportunities didn’t come through, unfortunately, but my dream would be to go completely freelance anyway, working on my own writing while also doing freelance editing. So far, however, those pay checks have been few and far between.

Looking on the bright side, though, my lay off was a good thing in many ways. The burdens placed on small publishers by upheavals within the book industry made my job increasingly stressful over the last few years, and after moving on my stress level went way down. Plus, around the same time I got a big freelance job and a contract with Simon & Schuster for a new Star Trek eBook, The More Things Change, due out this July. The extra “free” time also allowed me to pursue a pitch for a middle-grade tie-in book series for a TV show I’m not at liberty to mention. I wrote five sample chapters, an outline, and additional materials which are now being shown to publishers. It may well go nowhere, but this, along with other irons in the fire, has helped make the last several months the most active I’ve been in writing for years. That makes me happy.

I also continue to develop my freelance editing business. I’ve had a few jobs over the last couple months, and in addition to maintaining a Yeahsure Editorial Services website and some related social media, I’m pursuing other internet opportunities. One interesting thing I’ve stumbled across is the website Thumbtack. Thumbtack facilitates connections between people who need some work done and people who can do that work. Basically, people post the available job and then receive quotes for the job from interested freelancers. The client can then pick the best freelancer for the work. I’ve now set up a page for Yeahsure Editorial Services on Thumbtack. This is a great way for people to find freelancers instead of just Googling “freelance editor.” There are small fees involved for the freelancers, which I consider a reasonable cost of doing business, like buying an ad. I look forward to the chance to bid on editing jobs.

On the writing side, I just plan on doing more this year. I’ve already started digging back into my long-suffering steampunkish novel, and I will maintain that momentum moving forward. Alongside that, I hope to write the occasional short story, both in various worlds I’ve already created as well as some new standalones. Overall I’m hopeful that 2014 will shape up to be a good year for my writing and editing!


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