What a Weeks

ImageAnyone who works freelance can put together a list like I’m about to rattle off, and this is far from as crazy as it can get, but I’m still trying to keep my head from spinning. Much of this also invokes those buzzwords that hover around writers like gnats: “online presence” and “platform.” These are the things you do to keep your name out there in the interclouds with little or no chance of directly creating income for the time you’ve spent working. Websites and Twitters and Facebooks are a part of that, and I’m not going to itemize those things, but in and around all these other tasks, Facebook posts and tweets and website updates were going on too. Well, mostly. I’ve gotten behind on those the last few days. Plus, was doing all that other life stuff, like washing clothes, cleaning house, picking kid up from school, etc. 

Let’s get going shall we? 10/14–15, finished copyedit of freelance gig. Sent it back to client at 7 p.m. on fifteenth after two long days. 10/16, read The Riddles of the Hobbit and wrote the review for Sci-Fi Bulletin. 10/17, read Southside and wrote the review for Suspense Magazine. 10/18, relaxed a bit with the Kid, who had day off of school. Went to see Gravity, but that was also prep for upcoming Generations Geek podcast. More on that later. 10/19, watched The Adventures of Robin Hood (1938) and some other Robin Hood stuff, recorded part of upcoming podcast. That would be a different podcast from Gravity, because combining those would be silly. Still more on that later. 10/20, put together that week’s blog post. Picked up wife from airport, back from ten-day work trip to China. 10/21–24, tweaked first four chapters and wrote fifth chapter of super secret spec middle-grade project. I think I may have posted recently that it was YA . . . sorry about that. Sent to agent 10/24 at 3 p.m. 10/26, watched more Robin Hood stuff, did more recording for that podcast. (Went to friends house that night for dinner and Scrabble. At one point had seven-letter word, “trainer,” but didn’t get to play it. At one point had seven letters of “decanter,” only needed a suitably placed “e” for eighth letter. Never happened.) 10/27, recorded interview with astronaut Thomas D. Jones for the Gravity podcast. There it is, see, I told you there would be more on that. 10/28, planned to dig right into Robin Hood podcast editing, but instead heard from my friend Jim Johnson about a local fiction editor position at Fantasy Flight Games. Wrote cover letter, tweaked resumé, and submitted. Working from my home office is fab, but you actually need paying work coming in to make that feasible in the long term. Funny how that is. So, took shot at day job, then did some podcast editing. 10/29, wrote this post then will get back to podcast editing. Over next couple days will finish recording/editing Robin Hood podcast and upload, read The Walking Dead: Rise of the Governor and review for Author Magazine, and proofread new freelance project. 

Hope to get this all cleared off my desk by next weekend and get in some relaxation. Plus some writing time. But haven’t even started raking leaves yet. And following week will bring another freelance proofread project. Oof.

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