Lucky 2013: A Resolution for Writing

I generally don’t do resolutions. Mostly because my success rate would be, let’s be honest, fairly low, and then it becomes something to feel guilty about and what a way to start out a new year, with a feeling of failure. With that in mind, I’m reluctant to label any newly turned over leaves as resolutions. But so far this year there are a couple things going on that I’m feeling good about.

One is that I haven’t purchased a pint of Ben & Jerry’s yet in 2013. Now, I’m not a monk over here, I’ve had some ice cream now and then, but I’m not guzzling down those pints of sugar-fat goodness like I used to. Does it count as exercise when you swiftly turn your head away from the Ben & Jerry’s freezer in the grocery store? I think so. Just like pumpkin muffins count as a vegetable serving. Again, not a monk.

More importantly, I’m really going at the writing this year. I’ve got three chapters and a synopsis done for a steampunkish novel, something that’s been simmering on the back burner for years. I plan on starting to write the thing after I get some feedback from beta readers. I’m hoping to pursue this as a traditional publishing project, depending on which way the wind blows.

I finished it after I sent in my story for the forthcoming ReDeus: Beyond Borders anthology, due out in late May. Next up I will be writing another ReDeus story for ReDeus: Native Lands, due in early August of this year. The idea, as introduced in the first anthology, ReDeus: Divine Tales, is that all the ancient gods, like Zeus and such, have returned to the world and demanded worship from the descendents of their historic followers. This changes the world quite a lot, and it is in that shared world, at various points in the near future, that the stories take place.

In my story “The Tale of the Nouveau Templar” in the first anthology, I introduced Etienne Joubert, a knight of the Templar Order from 1310 who was miraculously returned to life in the ReDeus world of 2018. The story was set in the year 2026, after Joubert had settled into his new life. In the second anthology, my story “A Medieval Knight in Vatican City” returns to 2018 to tell the full story of what happened when Joubert returned to Earth. Let’s just say that when he talked about it in “The Tale of the Nouveau Templar,” he left a lot out. For the third anthology, I plan to give a little more screen time, as it were, to his valet, Wilkins, and his sidekick, Tony, back in 2026 or so in Manhattan.

The ReDeus books are small indie press projects, residing in the print-on-demand and e-book world. I’ve also got some irons in the fire for more e-book publishing this year, more news on those as they develop. I’m trying to pursue various projects across the spectrum from self-publishing to indie press to traditional, both e-book and in print. Diversifying, if you will, in this strange new world of publishing.

In addition to the above, my story “On My Side” will be in the Hadley Rille anthology A Quiet Shelter There sometime this year, and I hope to enter new stories in a couple other open-call anthologies, if my schedule allows. And so far, I’ve got a nice schedule, and I hope I can just keep this momentum going. I’m also planning on blogging more this year, although that’s gotten off to a slow start. As I continue to develop better writing habits, however, I should also have more to talk about.

For example, I often wish I could afford to go to more conventions like the fab Shore Leave at which I’ve been a writer guest for several years. Then it hit me that there a number of nice local conventions that I’ve never gone to simply because I’m a bit of a homebody. So I took a look at CONvergence, sent them my CV, and, boom!, I’m now a guest. I’m looking forward to meeting fans and guests alike.

Quick sidenote before I sign off: the podcast I do with my daughter, Generations Geek, is now up to six episodes, the last two featuring our epic interview of our first ever guest, Star Trek and Doctor Who novelist Una McCormack. Our next episode will feature our reviews of King Kong 1933, 1976, and 2005, all three of which we watched or rewatched in a single weekend to prepare for the show. After that we will have very special guest Thomas D. Jones, astronaut, scientist, and Star Trek fan. Be sure to check out our shows on the Chronic Rift Network or on iTunes, follow us on Twitter, and like us on Facebook. Just search for Generations Geek.

Okay, plugging done, time to watch one of my stories. Geek out.


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