The other day I was listening to the great internet radio station A Fistful of Soundtracks. When I fired it up they were playing a cut from Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan, composed by James Horner. From that they cut to “Rock & Roll High School” by the Ramones. I thought that was pretty cool, so I tweeted about it, calling it “cool musical whiplash.”

After a little while, I got retweeted by @JimmyJAquino . . . the dude who runs A Fistful of Soundtracks! He even commented, “Maybe ‘Whiplash’ should be the new name of one of my Fistful of Soundtracks blocks.”

All that is already conclusive evidence of how cool the interwebs are, but there’s more. Jimmy then tweeted me again, saying, “Hey, you did some Star Trek fiction for Pocket Books.” He must have followed the link on my Twitter page to my website. So I replied about that. Fun. Geeking out on the interwebs. But wait, there’s still more.

A few days later he tweeted that he had ordered Shattered Light so that he could read my novella. He also sent a link to a blog he’d written about the soundtrack to Star Trek: The Motion Picture. So I read the blog and posted a comment. And I had generated a sale of my book by listening to internet radio. 

That is a fun chain of events, all made possible by the interwebs. And here’s another Twitter-related story. I follow the fabulous comic, actor, and impressionist @KevinPollak on the Twitter. I’ve been a fan of his and his Jim Kirk impression for years, and have also immensely enjoyed his internet talk show, Kevin Pollak’s Chat Show. But now he’s started a podcast called Talkin Walkin, in which he speaks only as Christopher Walken. It’s hi-freakin’-larious.

Anyhoo, I listened to the first Talkin Walkin and tweeted that, without going into details, Kevin Pollak owed me a pair of pants. Well, damn, if I didn’t get retweeted by Pollak, with his added comment, “Too kind. True, but too kind.”

The interwebs are cool.