Back From the Grave and Ready to Tweet

I haven’t blogged in months, but I’m feeling a little re-energized by finally getting on Twitter (follow me at @SMichaelPearson) a few days ago. I’ve had a pretty good run already from a geek standpoint.

On my first day I got a shout out from Robert Meyer Burnett, director of Free Enterprise, a supergeek film starring William Shatner as himself, more or less. I’m sure most of my readers, who number in the high single digits, are familiar with the film. I’ve chatted with Rob via Facebook over the years and he’s enjoyed my Star Trek fiction, so it was great fun to have him show up in my first hours on Twitter.

One of the first people I followed was Wil Wheaton, formerly of Star Trek: The Next Generation, and also known as Sheldon’s archnemesis on Big Bang Theory. My daughter, Ella, and I had recently seen him on Chris Hardwick‘s Nerdist Year in Review. Wheaton posted a photo of himself, Hardwick, and Jonah Ray (one of Hardwick’s cohosts on the Nerdist podcast) hanging out and I sent the photo to Ella. She promptly made it her Facebook cover photo. I did a screengrab of that and tweeted at Wheaton and Hardwick (Ray wasn’t really visible in the cropped image) that I hoped they didn’t mind that my wondergeek daughter stole their photo. Wheaton retweeted it to his nearly two million followers. A bunch of people commented on it, favorited it, and followed me. That was cool.

Now I just have to try and keep up on it. As well as blogging. And Facebook. And updating my website. Oh, yeah, and writing.

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