A Small Post to Keep My Blog On My Mind

I was on vacation last week, and so there is very little to report by way of writing. We did have a lovely time in the great Northwoods of Minnesota, however. We were way up in beautiful Ely, Minnesota, just twenty or so miles from Canada as the crow flies. Went to the International Wolf Center and the North American Bear Center, which were both pretty cool. And we got to see some, well, wolves and bears, as you might expect. Also seemed like a good place to hide during the coming zombie apocalypse. Was most amused to see a book I cowrote, The Mosquito Book, on sale in a number of gift shops. This book is essentially out of print at this point, so it was a pleasant surprise to see the few remaining copies on the shelf somewhere.

On the way up we spent a day in Duluth and popped into the Fitger’s Bookstore. The manager actually recognized me and remembered my name, which was impressive. So I did some schmoozing about books I’ve written and edited, and a few more of them may turn up on the shelf there. Cool.

As mentioned last week, I have a short story due to the editor by August 31. I’ve gotten some good work done on that the last couple nights, so I think I’ll make that deadline. Took tonight off. Watched some Dr. Who with my daughter, and then I’m going to bed at a reasonable time instead of falling asleep at the keyboard. Because that’s just silly.


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