Progress made. Momentum slowly building.

OK, step one taken care of. I’ve finished a handful of short sketches for novels. Some of them read like jacket copy more than anything. But this has helped me get my mind around these ideas and assess their potential. Now I need to show them around, get some advice, and choose one to move forward on for now. I think at least four of them are solid ideas, and I’m sure I’ll keep taking notes on them even as I work on other projects.

Another nice bit of progress over the weekend was on my website. My poor, neglected has received a solid update. New projects and publications added, as well as a major updating on the reviews page, showing the books I’ve reviewed this year for Author Magazine and Suspense Magazine. New publication honor goes to my sixth article for Star Trek Magazine, a guide to Star Trek: The Animated Series. It’s mentioned on the updates page, but still need to add it to my list of publications, and my editing projects at the day job need to be updated as well, but I can only fiddle with html for so long before my head explodes.

Next up is the frantic completion of a short story for an open-call anthology with a due date of August 31. You may surmise with a quick look at a calendar that I’m cutting it close on this one. Hope I can pull it off!

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