Existential Malaise is Not a French Condiment

In my last blog, over a month ago, I mentioned existential malaise. I thought I was over it, but then I disappeared back into it’s murky depths. Granted, there was a freelance project in there that devoured a lot of time, and then a day job project that demanded attention, but the turmoil in the publishing industry and the confusion it has rained down on my writing has knocked me for a loop. I’m sure many people have wondered what happened to me–readers of my blog number into the high single digits, after all. But, no worries, I’m back, dammit, to take another run at this.

Today I spent some time working on original novel concepts. I’m putting in order a handful of the ideas that most interest me at the moment. I look forward to running them past some people and then deciding which one to proceed with. It’s far past the time for me to get a full-length manuscript to show around.

Meanwhile, I’ve got a few other things in the air. I’ve got a short story about three-quarters done that needs to be sent in to an open-call anthology by the end of the month. I need to get cracking on the last couple of scenes. I also have some stuff out to markets . . . but, well, they’ve disappeared. Two things have been with publishers far beyond their regular turn-around time. I’ve queried, and then so much time passed I’ve had to query again. Still no response. I’ve almost convinced myself they must have responded already only for me to forget during a psychotic episode. There was that time I woke up in Philly with a lot of missing time and wearing a Dick Nixon mask . . .

My last post was about getting ready for Shore Leave. I think I missed the boat on doing a full what-happened-at-Shore-Leave post, but let me say this: seeing all my writer friends was great, with a special shout out to David R. George III for our first in-person meeting, and getting my M*A*S*H soundtrack LP signed by Sally Kellerman was pretty damn cool.

So I’ve just got to get back in the saddle. This week I’ll need to update my webpage too. If anything, I’ve got to do it for “Hot Lips” Houlihan.


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